On September 30, 2011 the construction of the Mission Rose Academy Charter High School at Irvington and Medville Park Road was finished. This is the fourth school Chauncey Meyer Architects has completed for the Rose Academy Charter High Schools. At the end of the summer  we will have the first data on the 1st year energy comsumption. 

The last twelve years Chauncey Meyer Architects has designed all of their schools. This project uses many "Green" design strategies to mitigate utilities and maintenance cost through the life cycle of this building. Windows and doors are Andersen, Foam insulation, SEER 17 mechanical units with scroll compressors that uses only the power required by the load demand, with Internet control. We have been monitoring the energy use for this building and will be releasing that date in July 2012. This date will be used for design of future school buildings. See


ANGEL CHARITY for CHILDREN, INC. October 18, 2011

I have offered my services to redesign the interior of their new offices. It is my pleasure to assist this premier Tucson children's charity with the move to their new offices. See


MITCHELL RESIDENCE ADDITION. Construction started winter 2011 and they have moved in.

This addition is using "Green" design strategies – ICF Block walls (R-38), Spray foam ceiling insulation (R-30), Concrete Masonry 'Trombe' wall and custom dormer design to aid optimal performance of the wall, SEER 16 mechanical units, passive solar and natural air flow. 7.65 Photovoltaic Array - Solar Hot Water - Gray Water - Water Harvesting Systems have been istalled. These systems are to aid the interior comfort and low use of energy.