Since June 1984, Chauncey Meyer has been guiding the skyline of Tucson with his intuitive talent. Reflective surfaces that bounce evening light around a home, river, stone absorbing the harsh summer heat, appear effortlessly compatible in a Chauncey environment as seasons vary and the way day light changes throughout the day is one part technology and another part experience.


Chauncey Meyer Architect asks questions because he has to. It's in his nature to know how to affect a space. He needs to see the light and how that light will live in a structure he designs.


"A space should have a grace about it. Good architecture shouldn't overwhelm, it is the place that you enjoy without noticing. The spaces I design feel clean, refined, and comfortable" Chauncey Meyer.


A degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona, a Bachelors in Interior Design and a degree in Architectural Technology from Southern Illinois University, this transplant has been building in Tucson since the early 80's, His soft Midwest style, with a solid southwest background allows him to speak from experience when conceptualizing a home for native Arizonans or new Snowbirds.


" The wonderful thing about working with Chauncey was his patience. There was never a time when he didn't take my phone call or wasn't available to discuss our construction. He never seemed to get ruffled by any obstacles and we ended up with such a wonderful home. We couldn't have hoped for a better experience." The Abels.


One side of him is architecture; the other side of him is construction. Chauncey Meyer actually delivers results on both sides. He has co-owned his construction company for half of his career. Providing the same quality and service to his clients for conceptual development through final construction. As a second-generation contractor, his experience in the trenches allows Chauncey Meyer a keen insight through the entire process. Thus, avoiding many of the redesigns other architects would never see coming.